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Iridescent Words was founded by Malina Douglas to publish engaging and evocative prose in the form of short stories, novels and anthologies. We seek vivid, well-crafted writing that captivates as it shines.  

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      Malina Douglas spins stories that fuse the fantastic and the real, blending history and fantasy to conjure distant eras and worlds. She was nominated as the Gold Writer of the ArtAscent Bliss issue and made the Official Selection for the London Independent Story Prize, Fourth Quarter 2020. Her publications include Wyldblood, Opia, Typehouse, Back Story Journal, Sanitarium Vol. 4, Flash Fiction Online, Consequence Magazine, Sobotka Literary Magazine, Rhythm & Bone, Metamorphose V2, and the Antipodean. 

      Two of her stories were highly commended in the Michael Terence Summer Short Story Competition and published in their anthologies, When it is Time and All Those Things You Thought Never Mattered.  

      Other anthologies include The Monsters We Forgot Vol. II, A Krampus Carol, The Lockdown Rhythm, Sea Glass Hearts, Dragons from Black Hare Press and Because That's Where Your Heart Is from Sans Press. Upcoming publications include Sheer: A Dark Academia Anthology and Extraordinary: An Anthology of Mythology Fiction from The Great Void Books. 

      She was a finalist in the Blackwater Press Story Contest for a story on the theme of the Blackwater bird and published in their anthology in 2021. She teaches creative writing workshops and tweets @iridescentwords.

      Red Panda Warrior, Jade Mountain, tells the story of an unlikely young girl on the path to becoming a warrior. Set in Tang Dynasty China, it blends historical fiction and fantasy in a stirring tale of friendship and courage and will be released 25 October 2021. 


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