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Editing Services

Would you like get your writing polished to gleaming? From flash fiction to full manuscripts, we offer editing services, with 15+ years of experience!

-Choose from proofreading, line editing, or developmental editing

-Reasonable rates and turnaround periods 

To find out more, you can reach us through the contact form or on Twitter

-A light surface edit for spelling, grammar and punctuation 

-Proofreading for typos

-Polish to gleaming

-Ideal if your manuscript is almost ready for publishing

-Line editing for word choice, tense, flow

-Adjust pacing and tone

-Sharpen, clarify and make your language shine

-Includes proofreading 

-A deep developmental edit for character arc, plot and pacing

-Fix plot holes

-Suitable for an early draft when you want to improve the big picture

-Includes proofreading and line editing


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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