Call for submissions: Winter Enchantment
Deadline: 30 November 2021

shamanism, jeewook choi.jpg
Image credit: Shamanism by Jeewook Choi

Iridescent Words seeks short stories between 800 and 5000 words for our upcoming anthology.

Send us well-crafted, polished gems. Writing that is ethereal and dancing with imagery, evocative and enchanting. Stories that glitter with dark magic, exuberant, luscious, melancholic or hopeful.
We accept: fantasy, slipstream, magical realism, and fabulism. Literary and historical fiction or alternate histories are welcome as long as they contain a speculative element. 

Send us stirring tales of mischievous creatures, elves, fae or trolls, spell-weavers, or ancient gods. Winter goddesses such as Cailleach, Khione or Skadi. Frost demons and snow sprites. Sugar plum fairies, ice dragons or frost giants. Use creatures, gods or characters from mythology and folklore or make up your own. 

We would like the stories to be set in this world (though portals to other worlds can certainly be opened), and represent a range of cultures and locations. 

Consider: What would happen in an encounter with a barbagazi in the Alps?  What if a yuki-onna invaded the house with icy winds? 


Stories must be set at least partially during winter and include a speculative element. Something magical, however you choose to interpret it. 

Stories should be suitable to read around the fire with your family.


We will raise money through a fundraising campaign, with the aim to pay writers minimum 0.5 cent/word. This will increase if more money is raised. Funds will also be used to pay for original cover art. 

Anthology to be released Winter 2021/2022.   

What we do NOT want:
-Stories with content unsuitable for ages 16 and up
-Graphic violence, sex or foul language 
-Dystopian, grimdark or depressing stories (the aim is to be uplifting!) 
-Horror, though eerie or eldritch is welcome


Please send submissions in Times New Roman point 12, double spaced, with title, author name and word count at the top. 

We prefer British/Australian spellings

Email to iridescent words emerge at gmail dot com. Subject should be Submission: [Story title]

We aim to respond within two months. 

Deadline: 30 November 2021, 11:59 GMT