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Meet the Characters of Red Panda Warrior!

When Xiu finds herself in a secret training academy on the slopes of the Jade Mountain, the girls that she meets there become both her allies and enemies.

Along with Xiu's development, the interactions between them are the main focus for this fast-paced, character-driven book.

Each of the girls that Xiu trains with comes from a different direction and is associated with a different colour. During their initiation they are presented with an animal and a fighting style.

To discover their animals and how they develop ways of fighting like them, you will have to read the book...

Let's begin with Xiu.

Xiu, Red

Xiu never thought she would become a warrior. Her clumsy fingers cannot even make dumplings. Like every ordinary village girl, she expects to be married and bear her family plump sons. But fate has something else in store, even if Xiu does not accept it.

When Xiu is told her prophecy, inscribed on a piece of bone, she does not believe it. In training she struggles, especially with Kung Fu.

As the other girls develop their skills, Xiu cannot figure out hers. Only if she stops doubting herself and starts observing more of her surroundings can she find them.

For Xiu to succeed, she will have to uncover her talents and the belief that she can use them.

If she does not, the warlord from her childhood nightmares will sweep the countryside, burning all that stands in his way.

Chenhua, Pink, East

Chenhua is as sweet and delicate as the flower she was named for. She is kind and understanding to all, and moderates when there is a dispute. The training pushes her to become a warrior, despite her gentleness, but her attitude is bright and hopeful. She soon becomes Xiu's closest friend and greatest ally, but she does not share Xiu's sense of determination.

Jian, Green, South

Jian has coarse manners and a playful, impulsive attitude. She jokes and laughs often, lightening the atmosphere around her. She grew up in a faming village with numerous brothers and sisters, where only those with the swiftest fingers ate their fill. Despite her light-hearted outlook, she uses her agility to develop an effective fighting style. In Xiu's greatest hour of need, she will use her gift for lightening situations.

Stay tuned for Part II with the next three woman warriors, coming soon!

Are you ready to dive into Red Panda Warrior, Jade Mountain? You can find a copy here!

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