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Part II: The Blue, Purple and Yellow Warriors

Meet the next three characters of Red Panda Warrior, Jade Mountain!

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Qiao, Blue, Centre

Qiao seems to possess some mysterious power. Xiu can't figure out how she can and excell in every subject. She executes perfect forms of martial arts, writes beautiful calligraphy, and plays a stringed instrument known as the guzheng. She is poised, diplomatic, intelligent and strong. Unlike the other girls, she received a privellaged, cultured upbringing in the Tang Imperial capital of Chang'an.

While Xiu flounders, Qiao moves with a grace so fluid she seems to be underwater. When Xiu acts on her jealousy, she discovers the deeper side that Qiao hides beneath the surface.

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Feiyan, Purple, West

Feiyan is swift as a sparrow. She comes from a village far to the west, along the Silk Road.

Her movements are quick and hesitating. She has a natural agility and can leap, spin and kick high in the air. In training she excels in archery, and learns how to vault on and off of her horse. She is more likely to act rashly than with deliberation.

Wei, Yellow, North

Wei appears quiet on the surface, but within her lie vast untapped realms of grief and rage. When the warlord Feng burned her village she barely escaped with her life. She possesses a subtlety and discernment that the others do not. She is gifted with a special weapon that suits her perfectly and she becomes adept at using it. She fights with a ferocity that Xiu finds surprising.

Xiu's interactions with her five fellow warriors stir in her jealousy, sympathy, laughter, inspiration and joy. As Xiu develops with them, she begins to uncover her own qualities. Unfolding events will push Xiu to the breaking point. It is only through adversity that her greatest talents can be revealed.

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