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Welcome to Iridescent Words!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Are you ready to dive in?

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Here you can check out our latest releases, calls for submissions, writing tips, and posts on our books.


I'm happy to announce that my historical fantasy, Red Panda Warrior, Jade Mountain, is coming out October 25th! On the homepage you can watch the trailer and preorder a copy from the retailer of your choice. It will be out on Amazon on launch day.

My next posts will delve deeper into the world of the book and the history behind it, so stay tuned.

Join the countdown to launch day on Twitter @iridescentwords!


We have a new call for submissions until November 30th for a collection of magical winter fiction! Find out more details under the Submit tab.

We aim to publish regular anthologies, so check back for updates or subscribe to our new newsletter. We promise not to spam you, and we won't send out emails too frequently.

Thank you for reading!

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