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Winter Updates

Greetings, all! A few exciting updates.

First, thank you to everyone who submitted to Winter Enchantment! I'm happy to announce that we are extending the deadline to 31 December. So if you have any magical stories, or the inspiration to write one, send them in!

Back Story Journal Issue Twelve is out now! Featuring short stories on the theme of history, including my story, Down the Rocky Road.

Only by delving into a past life can Cara gain a deeper understanding of her present and shed new light on a life-changing decision.

The accompanying photo is one I took on my own journey down a rocky mountain path.

Read Issue Twelve for free here at:

The Rain is a promising new fiction podcast that has weekly flash fiction prompts and monthly contests.

The prompt "It was not alive" led to a dark and suspenseful story called Sculpted Shadows.

I've gotten into the Christmas spirit by writing three new flash fictions that approach Christmas from unusual angles. They were great fun to write and I look forward to writing more holiday pieces soon.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable festive season!


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